Creating motivational content and getting it out to the masses is hard work. It's now possible to be a "social cheerleader" without breaking a sweat!


I'm 'chele Neisler and I've been creating products that others use to promote their business for over 15 years. I've teamed up with my talented sons to create this motivational Social Poster and Pep Talk package.

We set out to create a package that would be perfect to encourage anyone facing overwhelming challenges, losing weight, running a business, or just needing general encouragement. We had bloggers, life coaches, and business coaches in mind as they're always looking for ways to encourage their clients, but we realized that almost everyone could benefit from a burst of Positive Energy Proclamations (PEP)! Did we mention that you'll look good, too?

Positive Energy Proclamations: 15 Motivational Social Posters


When you share your social poster, you need a little something extra with it, right? No problem!  

Each of the 15 poster sets comes with its own corresponding Pep Talk.

We've provided a total of over 1,300 words of encouragement for you to work with. When you combine your poster and pep talk, you'll be making a great impact on the people you share this with.  

Send them out together on social media or in your newsletter to quickly put a little pep in your readers' day. You could also use them as inspiration for a meaty blog post.


You're so proud of that image on your blog that you want to use it and share it everywhere!

Too bad it's the wrong size for your Power Point presentation. Then you discover the size is also wrong for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Forget about using it in a YouTube video! 

So you go to all the trouble of recreating all the different sizes needed and everything is looking AWESOME.  

Then you notice your best friend shared your blog post on Facebook and Twitter, but the images look like they got a bad haircut. You quickly check Pinterest, and sure enough, the image is so small, it's practically invisible.  

Stop pulling your hair out... you won't have that nightmare with this package! In fact, we'll even show you how to prevent that problem in the future, but we'll talk more about that in a moment.

We've created each of the 15 posters in 5 popular sizes. You're lovin' us now, right? 

Each motivational poster in this package comes in these five social friendly sizes: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube/Slide. 

These graphics are ready to go! No need to spend time perfecting anything! No need to resize the images. Everything is completely done for you and you get private label rights!

All images come in three file types. Use the JPG images on your blog and social media. Use the PNG text overlays with your own background images. PSD files allow you to edit everything about the images, including text and font. We've been told our work is pretty impressive, so you may not want to edit anything, but the option is available.

If you want to save what's left of your hair, plus a ton of money and time, then keep on reading!


Display perfectly formatted images when posted directly to top social media sites.

Display perfectly formatted images when shared from your blog to top social media sites.

We know that's a lot to figure out...

So we're including the Perfect Image Tutorial/Resource Guide that will:

  • Help you decide which image you need for each purpose.
  • Show you how to make your blog share perfectly formatted images to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • We'll even throw in a tip for taming the Instagram monster!  

If this can help an everyday blogger like me, I’m confident it can help you too!


Keep track of when and where you've used the posters and pep talk content.

Make sure every single piece of content is used to maximize exposure.

As you can see, this package will save you a ton of money by providing you everything you need ready to go in one easy package. What could take you days, or realistically, weeks, we've already done for you! Simply download this package, add your branding, and start sharing!


 All 15 Images in Facebook Size (1200x628 px) 

All 15 Images in Twitter Size (1024x512 px) 

All 15 Images in Instagram Size (1080x1080 px) 

All 15 Images in Pinterest Size (735x1102 px) 

 All 15 Images in YouTube/Slide Size (1280x720 px) 

JPG - Shareable graphics PNG - Text overlays PSD - Editable files

Tracking Sheet & Perfect Image Tutorial/Resource Guide 

All 15 Pep Phrases & Pep Talk Content Documents


This is a great package that you can use right away as a blogger, business coach, life coach, etc. Don't take our word for it though, here's what our customers have to say about our work:

Kelly McCausey

The Pep Talk PLR Graphics & Text 'Pep Talks' are gold nuggets of loving encouragement I am thrilled to use in communicating with my community and coaching clients. When I think about the time they're saving me I just smile! Kelly McCausey

Val Selby

This is the perfect, positive push I need for my social media accounts and website. I'm excited that it is easy for me to brand and share across all my platforms! The tracking sheets are perfect, as I need the visual for what I've used and when. Thank you!

Val Selby

Elizabeth Hughes Callison

I am continually amazed by the product that Michele and her family produces. The graphics have such rich colors and the quotes pop-out and bring the photo to life. The fact that when I purchased the package, I can get them already sized for various social media sites to make my job easier. The tracking spreadsheet helps tremendously. I have had more engagement on my sites since using Michele’s packages.  

Elizabeth Hughes Callison

When you think about what you're getting here, you might think that this package of 75 images and corresponding content will cost a fortune. If you hired someone to create this package excusively for you, it would probably cost a small fortune for sure! That's assuming you were able to find all the people you needed to make each part of this package.  

Let's not even talk about the countless hours you would spend figuring out the tips and tricks that we've put in the Perfect Image Tutorial and Resource Guide!

It's time for you to make a decision... Are you ready to position yourself as an influencer with encouraging, ready-to-go content to share across multiple social media networks?  

Just click the order button below right now so that you can get started today! 

Start Sharing Perfect Images Today!

Positive Energy Proclamation Social Poster & Pep Talk PLR Package

Here's to social sharing without breaking a sweat! ;-) 'chele Neisler  

P.S. Remember, you can put your name or logo on every poster and use them as your own. Don't wait another day to put a little PEP in your social media accounts!  

P.P.S. Do you operate a membership site? Add the images and pep talk content as a bonus to your service. Your members will love the high quality content in this package!

Licensing Details (What is PLR?)


You may publish these graphics anywhere that allows PLR content - please note, some publishing platforms are not open to it. (For example, Amazon does not permit PLR content in Kindle books.)  

[YES] Can be sold [YES] Can be given away as a lead generator [YES] Can be bundled [YES] Can be edited [YES] Can put your name as the author [YES] Can offer as a bonus [YES] Can print and distribute [YES] Can be published offline [YES] Can be published online (website, email, newsletter, podcast, videos) [YES] Can add to a paid or free membership  

RESTRICTIONS: * Perfect Image Tutorial & Resource Guide is for YOUR PERSONAL USE only. * The editable Word documents and graphic PSD files are for your own use only.  

CAN NOT pass the entire package on to others CAN NOT pass along any regifting, reselling or Private Label Rights to others CAN NOT be sold on auction sites